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A Trip to Lambasingi

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Lambasingi – a village near Chintapalli, which is known for being the coldest place in Andhra Pradesh was our destination. To attend a family get together, my cousin and I had an option of travelling in a car, but then we chose to travel on my motorcycle, on a winter morning. It was an exciting decision. It was cold and we enjoyed every bit of the journey. All geared up, we started travelling on the National Highway from Visakhapatnam at 6 am, after crossing Anakapalli, we reached Tallapalem in less than an hour. Taking a right turn at Tallapalem junction, we continued toward Narsipatnam. Midway through the journey, we found ourselves on a small bridge over a stream with beautiful fog-kissed landscapes on either side of the bridge and it had an anchoring effect on us. After spending some time staring at the misty landscapes, we continued our journey. Though the road between Tallapallem and Narsipatnam was rugged, the ride from the latter to Lambasingi was comfortable.

We reached Narsipatnam at 7:30 am and explored the place before heading toward Lambasingi. Riding on the well-laid roads from Narsipatnam to Lambasingi was a treat. Fifteen kilometres into the ride, the real experience of the Ghats began to unfold. Going uphill, for sure was exciting and uplifting. A word of caution: be gentle on the curves. Greeted by troops of monkeys and banking hairpin bends we reached Lammasingi (Y-junction) at 9:15 am. Lest assured the fifteen-kilometre Ghat road would provide the needed thrill for most of the adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike. We decided to visit Lambasingi. To our astonishment, we have experienced a drastic change in the temperature as soon as we entered the road leading to Lambasingi. We could literally feel it. Though there was no visible change in the topography, we felt the drop in the mercury level.

It was pretty cold, but don’t expect it to be a zero, not even at night. No, it is not the Himalayas. Lambasingi was a small village – a group of few houses to be precise. Don’t expect it to be Araku either. It was more about the chill factor than anything else. Having said that, we could experience dreamy roads, country life, picturesque landscapes, a small reservoir at Tajangi village, coffee estates at Rajupakalu, star-lit skies and above all the hospitality of the locals.

PS: Visit Lambasingi in winter.

An APSRTC Bus traveling through Lambasingi early in the morning.

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